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Perfect Media – Best Wedding Videos and Videography Sydney

Wedding Videography Sydney

On that huge list of things to organize before the big day arrives, you can confidently tick Wedding videographer task off. Then you can focus your energies on making sure that all the other aspects of your wedding are planned down to the tiniest detail. While you’ll have to delegate some tasks because you can’t do it all yourself, you’ll know that the special parts of the day will be recorded professionally, even though you also know that your favorite aunt will bring her camera and Uncle Joe will certainly have his camcorder with him.

A wedding day is supposed to be stress free. Once you hire Perfect Media, your stress will simply melt away and you can just enjoy getting married to your true love.

Wedding Video Sydney:

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and you should enjoy every minute of that special day. However, there’s a lot that goes into planning every aspect of your wedding so that it runs as smooth as clockwork. The planning usually starts at least 12 months beforehand. Recording cherished memories is a major aspect you should plan.

Perfect Media have great expertise in arranging wedding video in Sydney. You’ll want to have as many different ways to store all the events of the day so you can look back and remember them fondly, whether you’re sharing those memories with your partner, your family, friends or people who couldn’t be with you for that day.

Think of all the elements that come together to create a wedding. You have the ceremony; the bride’s dress should be exactly what she wants it to be, in style, colour and design; the groom should look very handsome; the bridesmaids and groomsmen should also look amazing.

The bridal walk down the aisle is one of those “wow” moments that must be captured for posterity. Your wedding vows are at the epicentre of the big day and the start of your new life as a married couple so they must be recorded in every way possible. Signing a wedding registry is also a special “legal” moment to add to your list of memories to savour.

The reception is the second part of your wedding day and has many memorable elements to save for posterity as well. Speeches; the first dance; cutting the cake; sharing everything with all your friends and family; these are all magical parts of your day.

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Wedding Videography Sydney – Perfect Media


Perfect Media is the ideal company for wedding videography in Sydney to help you capture every thrilling moment of your wedding day, including those you’re not even aware of. Wedding videography means a DVD won’t fade over time so, 20 or 30 years later, your treasured memories will remain as fresh as the day you got married.

While photos are a great way to capture magic moments, its moving pictures that capture the sounds and movement as well as the images you want to remember forever. The sound of you reciting your wedding vows is a powerful memory to capture on film.

A skilled wedding videographer can also record the entire bridal walk and have a clear view of that gorgeous wedding dress that you’ll wear only once. That’s certainly worth recording. The toasts and speeches made during the reception can be recorded, as can your first dance together as a couple.

Your videographer will most likely attend your rehearsal so he can get a better idea of what should be recorded. The more familiar he is with your plans, the better your final recording will be.

Perfect Media’s expert wedding videographer in Sydney can even enable people who can’t make it to the big day to still experience the event live as it unfolds, through the use of Facebook and other perfect media options.

He’ll most likely be able to access other recordings that people may make through the use of smart phones and other video devices so he can incorporate that extra detailed information into the final product.

Studies have revealed that 79% of brides who didn’t arrange for their big day to be recorded later regretted it so don’t let one wrong decision mar your perfect day. Perfect Media will be the best choice for your wedding videography located in Sydney.

Lots of things happen during your wedding and reception that you’re not even involved with. It’s nice to have those things recorded so you can see what happens when people are sitting and waiting for you to walk down the aisle and also during the reception.

Your wedding video is like a time capsule. It records all your precious wedding day memories that can be shared with children and grandchildren for many decades to come. Watching it on your anniversary to remind you how you both felt on your big day can be a very special thing to do each year to remind yourselves of your mutual love.

Don’t be scared to lash out and hire a videographer for your wedding. Memories of special events are priceless.

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