James and Lindsey’s Wedding Highlights – Perfect Media

This was a truely amazing wedding, the love that is shown between Lindsey and James is breathtaking. With the ceremony taking place in the beautiful Oakhill chapel, and the Reception at the ever beautiful Kirribilli Club, this was a wedding that will stay close to the hearts of Team Perfect Media 🙂

We wish Lindsey and James all the best for their long and happy life together 🙂

A special mention to Summit Photography for being as always a pleasure to work with.

About Perfect Media Services | Wedding Videographers Sydney

 Picture yourself and your soon-to-be partner on your big wedding day. Think about all your family and friends who will be there to share that once-in-a-lifetime experience with you. All those cherished memories will need to be preserved. The ideal way is through wedding videography.

Having your wedding day recorded for posterity will ensure every special moment that happens on the day will be stored for you to view over and over again and share with others who may or may not have been able to share the day with you in person. Read more on wedding videography Sydney.


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